9" High Unity Sand Ceremony Wedding Hourglasses

9" High Unity Sand Ceremony Wedding Hourglasses
Solid Hardwood Colors:
I will use:
If you selected MY SAND tell me what to do with your extra sand:
2 Bottles INCLUDED - Please send Extra Bottles:

Product Details

Case size - 309: 9.0" High x 5.5" Diameter

Custom Personalizing: 3.875" diameter space for custom laser engraved personalizing on both end-caps. Set-up and typesetting included. Personalized laser engraved wedding messages of your choice on both end-caps are included. Perhaps the entire wedding invitation, wedding vows or another personal message and on the other side the names of the Bride and Groom along with the wedding date. Options are unlimited. You decide! (Instruction for submitting materials for personalization will be provided by e-mail after you place your order)

Running Times: Select a running time option from the drop-down menu.  When filled with T & K Young sand the running time for the 9" High Wedding Hourglass will be calibrated +/-30 minutes. When customer supplied sand is used the running time will be random.

Case size, space for personalizing and running times are approximate.

Color selection: 1-Walnut, 2-Cherry, 3-Maple, 4-Padauk/Cherry (+$15.00), 7-Koa/Maple (+$65.00), 8-Walnut/Maple and 9-Maple/Walnut - Color of all natural hardwoods will vary. When an hourglass case is made of two different hardwoods the main or dominant color is shown in the swatch. The secondary color is that of the spindles and is shown in the bottom right hand corner of the swatch.

Unity Sand Ceremony Kit: I will send your unity sand ceremony kit to arrive 2 to 4 weeks before the wedding date. Included in the unity sand ceremony kit are: An empty piece of unmounted hourglass for my 9" high 309 hourglass case, a stand to support the glass during your Unity Sand Ceremony, and a funnel. If you select A-My sand and will be using your own sand your kit will also contain a pair of empty clear plastic bottles. If you select B-T & K Young sand your kit will include a pair of clear plastic bottles filled with pre-sieved natural silica sand - 1 bottle each of white and wheat colored sand. The sand that I provide in the Unity Sand Ceremony Kit is natural in color - white sand from Illinois and the wheat colored sand from Wisconsin. I do not offer sand in any other colors. You will, however, find that colored sand is available locally from retailers such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels and others. This will allow you to see colors in person helping to match colors to your theme.

After your wedding you will return the complete unity sand ceremony kit to me. I will calibrate the running time you selected if you have used the sand that I have upplied, seal the glass and mount it in the hardwood case that you have chosen. When using your own sand the running time cannot be guaranteed and will be random. Complete instructions will be included. The Unity Sand Ceremony Wedding Hourglass case will be hand polished after the personalized messages of your choice have been laser engraved on the end-caps.

When you return the unity sand ceremony kit shipping charges must be pre-paid. Please allow a minimum of 30 days for production time after I receive the unity sand ceremony kit and the approval for the laser sample made according to your personalized laser engraving instructions before I will be able to complete and ship your Unity Sand Ceremony Wedding Hourglass back to you.