Unity Sand CeremonyUnity Sand Ceremony

A Unity Sand Ceremony Kit is provided for use in your ceremony as a part of the Unity Sand Ceremony Wedding Hourglass

Unmounted Hourglass
Unmounted Hourglass


Choose from:


Pre-filled hourglass


Empty hourglass


Custom filled hourglass



Hand Blown Hourglass

Personalized Hourglasses
Personalized Hourglasses

Have your Hourglass Personalized with In-House Hourglass Laser Engraving


My hourglass collection includes a selection of hourglasses with a variety of standard running times from 30 seconds up to 1 hour as well as custom filled.


The hourglass cases are handmade in the U.S.A. by Tom Young using domestic and exotic solid hardwoods that Tom selects personally.


The hourglass collection, designed and handmade by Tom Young, includes hand polished natural solid hardwood cases - walnut, cherry, maple, padauk and others - as short as 3" and as tall as 28".


Why call it an hourglass?

Hourglass is the term commonly used to describe a sand timer, a sand clock, a sand glass and even an egg timer. Although they are called hourglasses, the amount of time that it takes for the sand to run from one bulb to the other through the neck or orifice of an hourglass is not necessarily exactly one hour. The running times for tkyoung.com standard hourglasses start at 30 seconds and go up to 1 hour. In addition to that custom running times are available by special order.


There is an hourglass in Japan said to be the world's largest. It is located in the Nima Sand Museum and it runs for an entire year. It is called an hourglass, a one year sand clock as well as a sand calendar and contains one ton of sand.


Create a timeless keepsake with your sand from NormandyBeach to commemorate D-Day

To receive a 25% discount for personalized orders that includes the words D-Day and Normandy enter D-DAY70 at checkout.


Order soon to take advantage of this limited time offer.






I just wanted to thank you for the work you did on the hourglass. My wife thought it was the best gift she ever recieved...Definately a hit...Thanks again for all your work.
It rocked.....Have a great year.


He absolutely loved his hourglass! I love it. I saved some sand for myself as well as sand from other trips. I will be in touch. Thank you!


Dear Tom,
At about 3:30 PM today the hourglass was delivered in The Netherlands. It came in perfect condition and is very beautiful. As you had said several weeks ago, we would make the 4th, and we have.
Thanks again,


Hi Tom,
I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my hourglass! It is more beautiful than I thought it would be.......................Thanks again for making Our First Valentine's Day
as husband and wife really special!
Thank you,


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