9.0" High Hourglasses

9.0" High Hourglasses
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Product Details

Case size - 309: 9.0" High x 5.5" Diameter

Running time selection in minutes: 30 minutes, 45(+$24.00), 50 (+$24.00) and 60 minutes (+24.00) (Default running time/30 minutes * Maximum running time/60 minutes) - Custom filling using
customer supplied material is also available.

Case size and running times are approximate.

Hardwood Color selection: 1-Walnut, 2-Cherry, 3-Maple, 4-Padauk/Cherry (+$15.00), 7-Koa/Maple (+$65.00), 8-Walnut/Maple and 9-Maple/Walnut. All natural hardwoods.
When an hourglass case is made of two different hardwoods the main or dominant color is shown in the swatch. The secondary color is that of the spindles and is shown in the bottom right hand corner of the swatch.

After the hand-blown time glass for a Model 309 Hourglass is calibrated to a selected running time (+/-) it is permanently sealed and mounted in the custom made hand polished solid hardwood case.